Mohali to Delhi Route Guide

Delhi and Mohali, the two beautiful northern cities of India are a must watch if you happen to visit this part of the country. Many people miss Mohali however, making their way to Chandigarh and then directly to their intended mohali-to-delhi-distancedestination. Mohali however, has many thins to see and do! It houses a wonderful cricket stadium, it has wonderful Punjabi cuisine to offer, and off late, there has been an airport project that has been started here to ease international conveyance. So, Mohali is no small place! The only thing that might be a problem while traveling from Delhi to Mohali could be the pestering cab drivers who seem to feast on the money they rob from passengers. So here’s some information that might be useful to protect the passenger’s ride. Continue reading

Mohali International Airport – Where does it stand now

A project that had formally been inaugurated three years earlier should have gone almost halfway towards development. During the initial discussions, plans had been clearly laid down to ensure the completion of the project well within 2 years. Naming had been a problem though! There were dreammohali-airports which had been visualized but thereafter, everything seems to have settles down in cold dust. There has been no sort of breath-taking development that the airport under construction has seen so far.

The first amazing thing to be noted is that the Mohali Airport (Near Chandigarh) was not much of an Airport at all! It was the cleared decks of the Chandigarh Airforce landing base. 2011 has not seen much for the development part, apart from official training for staff, being carried out at Amritsar and a few basic infrastructural amenities like X-ray machines being installed.

The most strategic development so far is the handing over the construction part to Larsen and Tubro. This happened in July 2012. Thereafter, the construction process had bucked up a bit. Another important development towards the finalization of the Mohali International Airport is the building up of wonderful night landing facilities to facilitate the immigration of International flights. Thirdly, Apron and Taxiways have been constructed. The construction of terminals is yet pending and the tentative date till which it can be completed is still uncertain.

November 2011 had been declared as the official date when the first International flight was to take off from here, destined to Sharjah. This however, did not happen. Recently, Air India displayed its wish to process two of its flights from the partly completed Mohali Airport. The reason given was that Air India was a national Airline, and so, no official permission was required for it to decide on its places of hooking up. Anyways, that too has not taken place. The hope that remains now is the quick completion of the project by grace of the immense technological wonders that L&T has to give to the world. One more year is now being given the deadline for the completion of the airport.